Three Tips to Power Up Your Procurement Savings With National Battery Day

By: CovestAdmin
February 1, 2023

While National Battery Day may not be a top celebratory holiday for most procurement teams, it is an opportunity to take a look at the bigger picture – evaluating alternative savings, product lifespan, SKU consolidation, inventory management and more effective indirect spend management.


Replacement of industrial batteries is commonly thought of as a cost center for businesses. On top of purchasing batteries, you have to pay a much higher cost for the labor to replace them. From UPC code readers in packaging and shipping to touchless restroom devices, batteries are a frequently purchased product across multiple areas in your facility that are necessary for business operations. 



Partner Insights: Turn Professional Batteries from a Cost Center into a Cost Saver

Maximize the Life of a Battery

Properly storing your batteries can significantly affect their lifespan. Whether it’s power tool batteries at your company’s job sites or wireless keyboard batteries for the office, knowing the proper maintenance and storage for batteries is key for maximizing the life of a battery and reducing product waste. In addition, selecting the highest quality batteries with a history of reliable performance is also a factor in gaining the maximum energy from a battery.


Partner Insights: 5 Tips for Maximizing the Life of Power Tool Batteries

Standardize and Consolidate

For large production-based companies, the cost of batteries can add up across facilities, warehouses and offices. As procurement teams seek resources to manage their indirect spend for common business support products, like batteries and industrial supplies, a group purchasing organization can provide support by offering competitive pricing, access to leveraged national supplier agreements and data analytics. Implementing an industrial supplier program for your organization can help standardize and consolidate product purchases, manage inventory better, and reduce reactive spot-buying. In addition, it reduces waste and product emissions, eliminates lower quality battery usage, provides hard savings, and maintenance time saving – all improving your company’s bottom line.

Look For an OEM Partner

When CoVest Members utilize our GPO model, they gain access to our leveraged supplier agreements and OEM partners.  These partnerships provide manufacturer deviations, special pricing and cost support on specific products, and those cost savings are passed along directly to the Member. Procell is a CoVest OEM partner available through our suppliers, and offers a dual-portfolio of professional batteries designed to last longer while delivering consistent performance. Once a supplier program is implemented, consider making the switch to an OEM partner for a product like batteries. This seemingly small change will yield long-term savings that add up across your organization and re-energize your purchasing power.


Partner Insights: Power Up Your Profitability


Use this National Battery Day as a way to gain control of your indirect spend, maximize your products lifespan, standardize and consolidate by deploying a national supplier agreement. In addition, look for an OEM partner with the quality and savings to deliver more power to your purchasing practices.



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