Four Standout Vendors at the 2024 Grainger Show

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February 21, 2024

The Grainger Show is back and they’ve once again rolled out the red carpet for Grainger customers and partners alike! The show offered the exclusive opportunity to connect with hundreds of key Grainger suppliers, attend educational sessions, and network with thousands of peers and Grainger experts! Not only was the trade show floor filled with the usual interactive booths where attendees could putt a golf ball, play Plinko or even step into the virtual world of metalworking, but we were treated to innovative technology and attention-grabbing demonstrations.


 With over 500 exhibitors and more than 8,000 customer attendees, there was plenty to do and even more to see at this year’s show. Here are four vendors that featured a product or service that stood out from the rest.


Parked directly on the trade show floor, a Zep branded van displays a slew of industrial cleaning solutions. A crowd watches on curiously as a company representative pours oil into his drinking water. “It’s safe,” he reassures as he sprinkles a white powder into the cup. A few moments pass and he syphons out the powder, taking the oil with it, then the Zep representative proceeds to drink the remaining water. That’s how confident Zep is in their Zorbent absorbent powder and safety capabilities!

Used to help in the BP oil spill clean-up efforts of 2010, Zorbent encapsulates hazardous wastes and is able to absorb 16 times more than clay absorbents. That’s right, 10 pounds of Zorbent replaces 190 pounds of clay material! Zorbent can be used on any hydrophobic or hydrophilic liquid regardless of the viscosity, minimizes labor and work injury costs, and dramatically reduces disposal costs. Purchase Zorbent through Grainger now.


Though DeWalt had one of the larger booths at the Grainger show, you’d be hard-pressed to squeeze through the numerous attendees that flocked to the vendor. If guests weren’t putting their names in for the DeWalt tool raffle, they were observing one of the four simultaneous demonstrations. With so many power tools, batteries and fasteners available from the brand, you might be wondering how best to manage such a wide range of inventory? The solution: Grainger’s Keepstock.

Displayed prominently under a large DeWalt sign that featured the company’s family of brands sat a glowing Keepstock case. With a variety of hand and power tools displayed, the Keepstock case provides visibility and tracking for frequently used tools in a warehouse setting. Keepstock’s customer managed inventory (CMI) offers digital tools via mobile app to help streamline the purchasing process by managing users and approvals. Keepstock is best suited for high-use products and personal protective equipment that need to be kept in stock and monitored to prevent inefficiencies, like DeWalt’s Power Stack Battery or their wireless Bluetooth neckband headphones.

Did you know that 50% of MRO inventory sits inactive for 12 months or more? Improve productivity and control by storing fast moving items at or near their employees’ point of need with Grainger’s Keepstock!

Dewalt’s 20V max Powerstack 5AH battery utilizes breakthrough pouch battery cell technology to revolutionize the industry. Supplying 50% more power, 50% more efficiency, and with 2 times the lifespan, the Powerstack is Dewalt’s most powerful battery yet. The Powerstack wasn’t Dewalt’s only standout product at the 2024 Grainger Show; their wireless Bluetooth neckband headphones utilize advance technology, providing quality and comfort! These high-tech headphones have a 15-hour playtime, noise-isolating wireless earbuds, provide dust and water resistance, along with a flexible neckband, making these wrap around headphones ideal for jobsite use. View Dewalt’s line of products at


With an expansive collection of industrial PPE hand protection, SHOWA showcased their expertise with a prominent and engaging display of their range of safety gloves. And it wasn’t just their lights that were “green,” the SHOWA representatives were proud to discuss their one-of-a-kind EBT green technology in their selection of biodegradable nitrile gloves.

Launched in 2012, SHOWA’s biodegradable nitrile gloves are the industry’s first, and today, SHOWA offers the most extensive selection of biodegradable hand protection in the market. Thanks to its special composition, SHOWA’S EBT 383 glove decomposes within 1 to 5 years in active landfills, where regular nitrile gloves need more than 100 years! Along with the EBT tech, the 383 glove  resists abrasion, oils, and chemical splash while providing a secure grip when working with dry, greasy, and oily parts.

Showa’s other protective gloves include:



As an industry leader in industrial supplies and services, Grainger had several booths that educated attendees about their all-encompassing offering. Their booths ranged from Facility Maintenance & Operations to Footwear Services, but it was their Facility & Personal Safety booth that had the most innovative product: Virtual Welding Training.

By simply putting on a light-weight headset, guests were dropped into an augmented reality where they safely received a glimpse into the extent of welding training without any of the electrifying dangers. With benefits such as, reduced training cost and training times, the ability to track your welding defects, and the opportunity to increase your certification rate up to 42%, virtual welding offers new opportunities in performance-linked training lessons.

Grainger understands the importance of training and education for the next generation workforce. That is why they offer authorized, online OSHA 10 and 30 training plus a selection of additional courses that meet current safety standards and regulations. Some of their online programs include:

CoVest Sourcing Network and Grainger’s Partnership

As a group purchasing organization, CoVest provides MRO category management of industrial and facilities supplies to Fortune 1000 companies. Maintenance, repair and operations category management is complex and a far-reaching category that often presents unique challenges for each company. As a long-time supplier partner of CoVest, Grainger provides over 1.5 million products to serve industrial companies and CoVest Members. The manufacturers mentioned in this blog are preferred OEMs with cost support available through the CoVest-Grainger partnership. In addition to the strong contract, CoVest provides a variety of indirect category management services that can help control tail spend, consolidate and standardize products and help operationalize your procurement goals.

To learn more about services and categories offered by CoVest, please visit.


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