Grainger Show 2022 – Exploring the Trade Show Floor

By: Richie Capeles
March 18, 2022

It’s been two years since Grainger has held their annual tradeshow in person. While visiting seminars and booths virtually did suffice for the last few years, it could not compare to shaking someone’s hand, having one on one conversations, and trying to find a seat to rest your feet from all the walking! This year, the tradeshow floor had been downsized from previous years but it did not lack in valuable information.


As I walked into the conference center that held the 2022 Grainger Show, the chatter from the attendees filled the air. It was difficult to focus my sights on one thing. From wall to wall, the venue was briming with booths. Peering out over the crowd across the tradeshow floor, I could make out giant signs for familiar OEM partner names Honeywell, Signify, and even Grainger Mailing Services (a service that allowed attendees to mail home all the goodies they received at the show).

As I made my way furtherinto the venue, I was not disappointed in the variety of ways the manufacturer suppliers tried to grab attendee’s attention. There were popcorn machines (a Grainger show classic), monster trucks, people repelling off scaffolding, and I even met a sasquatch! Though entertaining, it was the inventory at the booths that really wowed me.


With over 300 vendors in attendance, there was enough products to make your head spin. From tiny batteries for low drain devices to floodlights that have over 130,000 lumens, whatever you’re looking for, the Grainger Show had it.

Check out some noteworthy items featured at the 2022 Grainger Show:



The SmartWasher was a hot commodity at the CRC booth. An alternative to conventional petroleum-based parts washing systems, the SmartWasher eliminates the expense and liability of hazardous waste removal. Through the process of bioremediation, the SmartWasher constantly maintains the cleanliness of its cleaning/degreasing solution without the need for hauling, skimming or evacuating the unit. After “eating” the grease, oil and other contaminants from the dirty parts, the SmartWasher creates the harmless by-products of carbon dioxide and water.

The SmartWasher comes in several models, including their heavyweight parts washer and their mobile parts washer, making this product perfect for parts cleaning in preventative maintenance and repair facilities, industrial manufacturing plants, automotive repair shops, and metal fabricators.





Kimberly Clark boasts industry-leading innovation at this year’s Grainger show with the introduction of their ICON Dispensing System. Inspired by human-centered design, the ICON dispenser refines every interaction of the dispensing experience by featuring an intuitive control panel, front-load battery bay and a dampened hinge feature. The patented dual sensors deliver worry-free, touchless 99.99% jam-free dispensing and is compatible with your choice of Kleenex or Scott roll towels.

Changing the face of the restroom forever, the ICON paper towel dispensers feature first-of-a-kind versatility with their customizable faceplates. This is a great way to promote your company by incorporating your logo into the faceplate design, or go even further, and create custom faceplates to promote your newest products, services or display safety tips throughout your facilities. Whether you’d like your dispensers to blend seamlessly into their environment, stand out from the crowd or even represent your unique brands, these customized faceplates will get the job done. The ICON family includes paper towel dispensers, skincare dispensers, and toilet paper dispensers.




There’s no better time to put a giant spotlight on employee’s health than now. Not only are we still navigating the effects of the coronavirus, but we are also tackling the cold and flu season. With so many businesses bringing their workforce back into the office, it’s no wonder Gojo’s main focus at the 2022 Grainger Show was disinfectants.

The newest addition to Gojo’s disinfectant arsenal is Purell Professional Surface Disinfecting Wipes. Taking the same germ-killing technology that’s used in Purell Surface Spray, these wipes kill 99.9% of common germs that may cause illness, including cold & flu, strep, norovirus, Listeria, MRSA, VRE, and human coronavirus in 30 seconds. Because Purell Surface Wipes don’t use harsh chemicals, there is no strong or lingering odors and they don’t require gloves, handwashing, or rinsing after use – even on food-contact surfaces – making it simple to disinfect the surfaces that matter the most. Proven to work on most high-touch hard and soft surfaces within your facility, including countertops, tables, chairs, breakrooms, office areas, children’s highchairs, medical and fitness equipment, and more.



Stanley Black and Decker

Reaching Stanley Black & Decker’s booth proved to be an obstacle in itself. Crowds surrounded the intricate booth, not only because of the many products they were featuring but also, because the Stanley Black and Decker booth ran several raffles throughout the day. Signs for Craftsman, Irwin, Lenox, Proto, Dewalt and more hung just above as I combed through the power tools displayed.



While SBD is the worldwide leader in tools and storage, those power tools would be nothing without, well, POWER. Introducing the next dimension in power, the 20V MAX* DEWALT POWERSTACK™ Compact Battery is the first in the world to leverage pouch battery cell technology for the use in the industrial and construction industry. With impressive stats like, 50% more power, 25% more compact and 15% less weight, it’s clear the power revolution is here! The 20V MAX* DEWALT POWERSTACK™ Compact Battery is compatible with all 20V MAX tools and chargers.


There’s More? The Grainger Show experience doesn’t stop at the tradeshow floor. Attendees can opt-in to the many industry-focused seminars to hear from experts in the field. CoVest will be recapping a few of those seminars on our blog, starting with, “Three Approaches to Inventory Investment.” Be sure to return to our blog and subscribe to our Linkedin profile to stay updated on the latest industry trends! Want to learn more about our Grainger program for CoVest Members? Contact us to learn more about this exclusive relationship and how to access the OEM partner products.

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