Office Supplies & Services

The Office Supplies & Services Platform offers services to companies in need of tailored solutions—from furniture and office supplies to print and promotional items. CoVest offers contracts for the following categories—provided by the industry leaders in their respective areas:

Office Supplies – Staples

A recognized global leader in office products, Staples serves businesses throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Staples’ dedication to their customers has led them to create and grow solutions for many product lines outside office products. Their Facilities Products, Breakroom, Promotional Items, Furniture and Computer Peripheral categories have expanded to industry leading companies in their own right.

CoVest’s Staples contract encompasses not only bulk office supplies but also includes leveraged pricing on all Staples lines of business. We take a whole spend approach to our office supplies category with low fixed pricing on high volume items and an aggressive pricing model for infrequent purchases.

Deal Structure:

  • Access to CoVest Group Core List with fixed pricing on thousands of items
  • Unique Member Core List tailored to each company’s unique purchasing requirements
  • Aggressive non-core pricing for all items outside core lists
  • Staples Advantage site designed specifically for each Member with the ability to integrate with your systems including user-level controls such as blocking items and substitutions
  • Direct relationship with Staples including a Strategic Account Leader assigned to oversee the implementation and ongoing administration of your program
  • Integrated management of manufacturer level discounts such as HP Supplies Big Deal
  • Specialized reporting capabilities through individual account management

Wireless Telecom

CoVest Members can now more effectively manage and save on Wireless Telecom with access to a wide solution set including wholesale pricing and telecom expense management systems for ultimate efficiencies & data pooling. This new program gives Members access to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile via best-in-class solutions.

Category Components:

  • Wireless telecom savings and management solutions
  • Supplier neutral IT solution including wholesale pricing
  • Telecom expense management portal
  • An extensive range of carrier and cloud services through a trusted portfolio of supplier partners
  • Cloud, data, security, voice and mobile device products and solutions

Office Equipment – Konica Minolta Business Systems

CoVest Members c Konica Minolta Business Systems (KMBS) is a leading global imaging and sensing company with more than 36,000 employees worldwide and nearly all countries around the globe.

Deal Structure:

  • Highly advantaged, best-in-class pricing on all KMBS models in addition to low per-copy costs for the entire range of KMBS machines
  • A member price book provides pricing for all current models and options
  • Purchase and leasing programs available
  • An account manager directly oversees implementation, handles business reviews and services issues throughout the life of the machine
  • Programs available globally at pricing equivalent to the United States price book

Breakroom – Staples Breakroom

Providing a break area for your employees and visitors translates into happier people. And retaining talent and keeping guests and customers happy is an important factor for your business. Staples Business Advantage offers a program that provides easy access to coffee supplies and beverages, snacks and candy, brewers and breakroom equipment, and cups, cutlery, paper plates, napkins and more.

Deal Structure:

  • Highly competitive prices for breakroom items including coffee, plates, cup and cutlery, breakroom equipment and breakroom furniture
  • Advantage pricing on comprehensive assortment featuring top brands
  • Coffee brewer and recycling programs for your breakroom needs
  • ePurchasing platform for standards management, ordering and up-to-date pricing

Furniture – Staples Furniture

Business Interiors by Staples is the largest commercial furniture dealer in North America. With more than 250 manufacturers and 180 locations, the company employs a dedicated staff of professional project managers and designers and provides a single point-of-contact to help with your commercial furniture needs.

Deal Structure:

  • Highly competitive prices for transactional furniture such as chairs, desks and filing cabinets
  • Advantage pricing on custom furniture systems
  • ePurchasing platform for standards management, ordering and up-to-date pricing

Print – Staples Print Solutions

One of the nation’s largest providers of commercial print needs, Staples Print Solutions has 18 manufacturing facilities to provide a broad range of print products including forms, labels, flexible packaging, annual reports, brochures, flyers, calendars, posters and signage.

Deal Structure:

  • Competitive cost-plus based pricing structure for custom printing
  • Discounted pricing on basic and advanced printing
  • Services including pre-media, on-line proofing, kitting, fulfillment and direct mail
  • Advanced technology for ordering and storing digital copies for each Member’s print asset library

Promotional Items & Recognition Programs – Staples Promotional Products

Staples Promotional Products is the industry leader in promotional items as well as incentive and recognition programs—providing a full range of products, programs and technology solutions for leading global organizations.

Deal Structure:

  • Highly competitive, margin-based pricing on a volume-tiered basis for catalog, special order and promotional items
  • Ability to supply items at the lowest cost through sophisticated global sourcing approaches and strong volume leverage
  • Customized eStore on-line catalog ordering for pre-decorated in-stock items
  • Full range of custom and special order services including product ideation, sourcing, artwork, brand identity management and logistics management

Category Components:

    • Sales incentive products
    • Recognition (peer-to-peer, manager-to-peer or other nominations)
    • Service anniversary or milestone achievement programs
    • Corporate brand apparel and product promotions

    Computer Peripherals – Staples Technology Solutions

    Staples Technology Solutions is one of the nation’s leading distributors of technology supplies & services in the U.S., offering a full range of desktop technology offerings including printers, monitors, projectors, memory cards, keyboards, mice and web cams.

    Deal Structure:

    • Pricing tailored to each Member’s unique requirements
    • StaplesLink ordering site designed specifically for each Member
    • Strategic account manager assigned to implement the ordering system and fulfill Member needs
    • User-level controls such as blocking items, ordering minimums and automatic delivery locations
    • Recommendations and assistance with item substitution and standardization to drive savings

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