The Logistics Platform starts with small parcel. CoVest Members can now gain access to an extensive global shipping network, with pick up and delivery services for urgent documents and parcels quickly around the world.


CoVest has partnered with DHL Express for logistics and small parcel services. Serving over 3 million customers, DHL picks up and delivers urgent documents and parcels quickly around the world using their scheduled Express network consisting of 320 dedicated DHL Express aircraft with more than 2,300 flights per day, connecting the U.S. with more than 220 countries and territories. DHL connects people and businesses securely and reliably, enabling global sustainable trade flows.

Category Components:

  • Leveraged Discounts
  • Line Item Analytical Support
  • Support Navigating Customs
  • Cross Border Express Shipments
  • Commitment to Sustainable Logistics

Our Supplier Partners

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