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Category Offering

Our specialty is high volume, high item churn, relative low item cost, heavy data based categories. Allowing CoVest to manage this indirect spend will not only drive savings due to our pricing leverage, but will also free up considerable team time that can be re-deployed to more impactful categories not ideal for the GPO model.

MRO & Facilities Supplies

MRO is a complex and far reaching category that is often different for each company. Focusing on high SKU consumable subcategories with a strong presence of national providers, CoVest has built a network of suppliers to offer a more complete MRO solution.

Allow CoVest to do the work of examining the spend across the subcategories listed below, and we will use our data and market knowledge driven approach to select the correct supplier, or group of suppliers, to meet your MRO needs.

  • Bearings & Power Transmission

    Bearings & Power Transmission covers the non-OEM replacement parts needed for large moving machinery; Bearings to reduce friction in moving parts; belts, shafts and drive components for power transmission; and automation components.

    Category Components

    • – Bearings: ball, split and roller bearings
    • – Clutches, brakes and drive components
    • – Shaft couplings, belts, reducers and bushings

    Special Services Available
    VMI, Motor repair/rebuild services, Energy assessments, Mill services, Field Services

    Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

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  • Breakroom Supplies

    Breakroom Supplies covers the disposable and consumable items typically found in employee common areas.

    Category Components

    • – Paper cups and plates
    • – Cutlery
    • – Coffee
    • – Water
    • – Snacks

    OEM Relationships
    Green Mountain Coffee, Dixie, Heritage Bag

    Special Services Available
    Keurig Brewer Program, Keurig Recycling Program

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  • Building Maintenance

    The Building Maintenance subcategory captures items used in the general upkeep and maintenance of the site structure and exterior.

    Category Components

    • – Outdoor equipment
    • – Replacement hardware
    • – Painting supplies
    • – Paint
    • – Coatings
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  • Electrical Supplies

    Electrical supplies covers the consumables and supplies needed to maintain electrical components and equipment.

    Category Components

    • – Wire, cabling, and conduit
    • – Wire connectors, cable ties, electrical tape
    • – Lighting: bulbs, ballasts, and lighting audits
    • – Fuses, switches, relays and timers

    OEM Relationships
    Current, Powered By GE

    Special Services Available
    Lighting Audits

    Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

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  • Facility Safety

    Facility Safety supplies includes the items to help keep your site and employees safe & secure. General needs include Signage, Lockout/Tagout programs, Exit and Fire Protection, Machine Guarding, Slip and Fall protection, Spill Control.

    Special Services Available
    AED Programs, OHSA compliance training

    Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

    Category Components

    • – Multi-gas detectors
    • – Flame resistant items
    • – Fire extinguishers
    • – Defribillators
    • – Traffic cones
    • – Strobe lights
    • – Barriers
    • – Signs
    • – Warning tapes
    • – Tags
    • – Locks
    • – Spill pads
    • – Guard rails
    • – Bollards
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  • Fluid Power

    The Fluid Power subcategory covers Pnematics and Hydraulics, including tools, seals, valves, hoses, and components.

    Category Components

    • – Pneumatics: tools, hose, air compressors, pneumatic valves, pneumatic motors
    • – Hydraulics: tools, seals, hoses, hydraulic valves, pumps, hydraulic motors

    Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

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  • Janitorial Supplies

    Janitorial Supplies includes the cleaning chemicals, restroom paper and hand cleaners, and breakroom supplies and food. The CoVest program is intended to cover all of the restroom and cleaning supplies used by the cleaning staff, as well as industrial chemicals and degreasers for cleaning in the plants.

    Category Components

    • – Paper Goods: bath tissue, paper towels, wipes and wipers
    • – Cleaning Supplies: Mops, brooms, scrubbing pads, trash/recycling bins
    • – Chemicals: degreasers, bleach, floor cleaner, air freshener
    • – Hand cleaners: soap, lotions, sanitizers

    OEM Relationships
    Georgia-Pacific, Gojo, Diversey

    Special Services Available
    Site audits for correct product placement, dispenser sizing and changeouts. Free dispensers and professional installation from manufacturers

    Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

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  • Lab Supplies

    Lab Supplies covers lab consumables, chemicals, reagents, and analyzing and testing equipment used in lab and cleanroom environments.

    Category Components

    • – Glass/Plastic ware: Beakers, flasks, bottles, dishes
    • – Equipment/Instruments: microscopes, ph meters, scales & balances
    • – Chemicals: acids, buffers, solutions, solvents
    • – Pipetts and syringes

    Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

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  • Lubricants

    Industrial grade lubricants used to keep machinery and plants running smoothly. Lubricants for all industries, with particular expertise with products for Agriculture and Food businesses and Pharmaceutical companies, are offered.

    Category Components

    • – Food grade lubricants
    • – Gear oils and hydraulic fluid
    • – Greases
    • – White oils

    OEM Relationships

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  • Material Handling

    The Material Handling subcategory covers manual, semi-automated and fully automated equipment needed to move, store and ship material throughout manufacturing floors, warehouse and distribution centers.

    Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

    Category Components

    • – Lifting accessories
    • – Cabinets
    • – Carts
    • – Chains
    • – Cranes
    • – Dollies
    • – Drums
    • – Containers
    • – Wire ropes
    • – Forklifts
    • – Ladders
    • – Lifts
    • – Pallet jacks
    • – Straps
    • – Ropes
    • – Shelving
    • – Winches
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Pharmacy Benefits – Travel

The Human Resources and Benefits Platform offers companies tailored solutions for temporary labor, pharmacy benefits and recognition programs. CoVest offers contracts for the following categories, provided by the industry leaders in their respective areas.

  • Pharmacy Benefits Management

    CoVest has partnered with Employers Health, a leading pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company, to bring our members the best in PBM savings. For over 30 years, Employers Health has been helping employers provide access to high quality health care benefits at a sustainable low cost. They offer Covest members the benefits of a long-standing relationship with CVS Caremark, a recognizable leader in providing pharmacy benefits.

    Deal Structure:

    • Centralized contracting process with CVS Caremark
    • Annual market checks that ensure aggressive financial performance
    • A dedicated Account Management team who are readily available
    • Annual contract benchmarking
    • All contractual obligations and legal aspects of vendor contracting are covered by legal experts

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  • Car Rental - Hertz

    Operating the Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty vehicle rental brands in approximately 9,700 corporate and licensee locations throughout approximately 150 countries, the Hertz Corporation is one of the largest worldwide airport general use vehicle rental companies. Product and service initiatives such as Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, Carfirmations, Mobile Wi-Fi and unique vehicles offered through the Adrenaline, Dream, Green and Prestige Collections set Hertz apart from the competition.

    The Hertz corporation has introduced, Hertz Ultimate Choice™ which lets you decide what to drive. Now available at select airport locations, it’s the convenient way to find exactly the car you want and get going. The Ultimate choice is available to all Hertz customers.

    Deal Structure:

    • Competitive daily rate with limited surcharge cities
    • Unlimited mileage with loss damage waiver and liability insurance supplement included
    • No blackout dates and low refueling charge
    • Status matching and dedicated implementation team

    For more information about The Hertz Corporation, visit:

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Office and Services

The Office Supplies & Services Platform offers services to companies in need of tailored solutions—from facilities and office supplies to print and promotional items. CoVest offers contracts for the following categories—provided by the industry leaders in their respective areas:

  • Office Supplies - Staples

    A recognized global leader in office products, Staples serves businesses throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia—with annual sales over $23 Billion. Staples’ dedication to their customers has led them to create and grow solutions for many product lines outside office products.  Their Facilities Products, Promotional Items, Furniture and IT business lines have expanded to industry leading companies in their own right.

    CoVest’s Staples contract encompasses not only office supplies but also includes leveraged pricing on all Staples lines of business.  We take a whole spend approach to our office supplies category with low fixed pricing on high volume items and an aggressive pricing model for infrequent purchases.

    Deal Structure:

    • Access to CoVest Group Core List with fixed pricing on thousands of items
    • Unique Member Core List tailored to each company’s unique purchasing requirements
    • Aggressive non-core pricing for all items outside core lists
    • Staples Advantage site designed specifically for each member with the ability to integrate with your systems including user-level controls such as blocking items and substitutions
    • Direct relationship with Staples including a Strategic Account Leader assigned to oversee the implementation and ongoing administration of your program
    • Integrated management of manufacturer level discounts such as HP Supplies Big Deal
    • Specialized reporting capabilities through individual account management

    Visit the CoVest Staples Advantage Website
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  • Furniture - Business Interiors by Staples

    Business Interiors by Staples is the largest commercial furniture dealer in North America. With more than 250 manufacturers and 180 locations, the company employs a dedicated staff of professional project managers and designers and provides a single point-of-contact to help with your commercial furniture needs.

    Deal Structure:

    • Highly competitive prices for transactional furniture such as chairs, desks and filing cabinets
    • Advantaged pricing on custom furniture systems
    • Complete services and product offerings—from needs assessment to design and project management
    • ePurchasing platform for standards management, ordering and up-to-date pricing

    Visit the CoVest Staples Advantage Website
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  • Print - Staples Print Solutions

    One of the nation’s largest providers of commercial print needs, Staples Print Solutions has 18 manufacturing facilities to provide a broad range of print products including forms, labels, flexible packaging, annual reports, brochures, flyers, calendars, posters and signage.

    Deal Structure:

    • Competitive cost-plus based pricing structure for custom printing
    • Discounted pricing on basic and advanced printing
    • Services including pre-media, on-line proofing, kitting, fulfillment and direct mail
    • Advanced technology for ordering and storing digital copies for each member’s print asset library

    Visit the CoVest Staples Advantage Website
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  • Promotional Items & Recognition Programs - Staples Promotional Products

    Staples Promotional Products is the industry leader in promotional items as well as incentive and recognition programs—providing a full range of products, programs and technology solutions for leading global organizations.

    Deal Structure:

    • Highly competitive, margin-based pricing on a volume-tiered basis for catalog, special order and promotional items
    • Ability to supply items at the lowest cost through sophisticated global sourcing approaches and strong volume leverage
    • Customized eStore on-line catalog ordering for pre-decorated in-stock items
    • Full range of custom and special order services including product ideation, sourcing, artwork, brand identity management and logistics management
    • Technology supported programs for employees, channel partners and customers for:
      • Sales incentives
      • Recognition (peer-to-peer, manager-to-peer or other nominations)
      • Service anniversary or milestone achievement programs
      • Loyalty
      • Instant recognition

      Visit the CoVest Staples Advantage Website

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  • Conferencing Services - Century Link

    Serving close to half of all Fortune 500 companies, Century Link is a leader in the conferencing and communications industry—providing advanced technology that companies need to efficiently run their business. Additionally, Century Link provides a full range services including audio conferencing, web conferencing, video conferencing and web streaming.

    Deal Structure:

    • Highly competitive, per-minute list pricing on all conferencing types and features including:
      • Voice conferencing—hosted or on-demand
      • Domestic and country-level international rates
      • Web and video conferencing pricing
    • Access to Century Link’s proprietary web platform and the WebEx platform
    • Interactive, online training and technical support

    Download Dedicated Internet Access Overview

    Download Network Based Security Overview

    Download Secure Access Overview

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  • Office Equipment - Konica Minolta Business Systems

    Konica Minolta Business Systems (KMBS) is a leading global imaging and sensing company with more than 36,000 employees worldwide and operations in nearly all countries around the globe.

    Deal Structure:

    • Highly advantaged, best-in-class pricing on all KMBS models in addition to low per-copy costs for the entire range of KMBS machines
    • A member price book provides pricing for all current models and options
    • Purchase and leasing programs available
    • An account manager directly oversees implementation, handles business reviews and services issues throughout the life of the machine
    • Programs available globally at pricing equivalent to the United States price book

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  • Computer Peripherals - Staples Technology Solutions

    Staples Technology Solutions is one of the nation’s leading distributors of technology supplies & services in the U.S. with 37 locations across the nation, offering a full range of desktop technology offerings including printers, monitors, projectors, memory cards, keyboards, mice and web cams.

    Deal Structure:

    • Pricing tailored to each member’s unique requirements
    • StaplesLink ordering site designed specifically for each member
    • Strategic account manager assigned to implement the ordering system and fulfill member needs
    • User-level controls such as blocking items, ordering minimums and automatic delivery locations
    • Recommendations and assistance with item substitution and standardization to drive savings

    Visit the CoVest Staples Advantage Website
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